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Philadelphia Mayor Considers Banning Donald Trump

Michael Nutter accused the businessman of taking “a page from the playbook of Hitler” in his campaign for the GOP presidential nomination,

A day after Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said he would ban all Muslims from the country, Mayor Nutter said he wants to ban Trump from Philadelphia. Nutter decried Trump’s words, saying “nothing more vile or ignorant” could be said and accusing the candidate of taking “a page from the playbook of Hitler.”

“Certainly if I had the power to do so, the only banning that should be done is that of that person not being allowed in the city of Philadelphia. We have no place for that kind of ignorance and tolerance and lack of understanding of what our country is about,” Nutter said.

The mayor addressed the media Tuesday about Trump and the pig’s head that was found outside a North Philadelphia mosque, prior to his scheduled endorsement of Katie McGinty for U.S. Senate.

Daniel Luzer is GOVERNING's news editor.
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