The national Republican wave wasn't quite as strong in the races for state attorney general Tuesday night, but the GOP did flip two seats, apparently erasing the Democrats' previous lead in AG seats.

Going into Election Night, the Democrats held 26 AG seats to the Republicans' 24. The Democrats' lead in popularly elected AGs was narrower -- 22 seats to 21.

On Election Night, the GOP flipped open seats Arkansas and Nevada, pullling the GOP into a narrow lead.

Both parties kept the competitive seats that Governing had considered to be leaning in their direction prior to Election Day. The GOP kept a Republican-held open seat in Colorado and protected vulnerable incumbents in Florida, Georgia and Michigan.

The Democrats, for their part, retained an open seat in New Mexico and won a new term in Rhode Island.

The GOP's strongest showings were in the tossup races. There were four: the GOP flips in Arkansas and Nevada, and two open seats in Arizona and Wisconsin that Republicans managed to hold.