Smartcar 2008 is here! Among other things, this year marks the first time Smart Cars are available in the United States.

You know Smart Cars, right? Those cute, tiny European cars that are about as long as most cars are wide? Well, thanks to Daimler, you can now get them here. The question is, how many people will?

The cars get terrific gas mileage, and starting at $12,000, they're much more affordable than new hybrids. But they are tiny -- two feet shorter than a Mini Cooper. Smart Cars can park "nose-in" in spaces where other cars must parallel-park.

They certainly look fun to drive, and they're sure eco-friendly. But they're probably going to have pretty limited appeal. It sounds like it would be great for city driving or running light errands around the 'burbs. But driving a Smart Car on the Interstate sounds like no fun at all.

What do you think?

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Photo from Daimler