Wisclogo I'd heard about Wisconsin's newly redesigned logo a little while ago. The new tourism logo, for which the state paid a design firm $50,000, has gotten a little bit of pushback because of its tagline, "Live Like You Mean It":

Gov. Jim Doyle said Monday the state will use "Live like you mean it" to promote Wisconsin as a tourism and business destination, replacing the slogan "Life's So Good."

But motivational speakers, authors and even wine and spirit maker Bacardi have already used the phrase in marketing campaigns. Some critics who aren't thrilled the state is adopting their slogan may oppose its attempt to get federal trademark protections on it or even take legal action.

But I really was moved to mention the new logo when I came across it on (ahem) YourLogoMakesMeBarf.com.  The site (the purpose of which is really pretty self-explanatory) calls the new logo "a $50,000 mistake." The site user who submitted the logo described it this way:

"This new Wisconsin logo is HATED amongst us Wisconsinites and the worst part was that it cost us taxpayers $50,000! It doesn't accurately represent our state or the people in it."

Frankly, I'm shocked. You mean, Wisconsin residents aren't constantly doing handstands??