Miami_2 Miami might be about to become a little short on vowels:

As part of its branding campaign for a new, up-and-coming urban core, Miami's Downtown Development Authority on Wednesday picked a front-runner for a new downtown logo -- and, yes, apparently you can spell logo without the letter "O."

''DWNTWN MIAMI,'' its black and hot pink letters say.

I actually kind of like it, as city-brandings go. It makes me think of text messaging, which is, you know, totes kewl. And also of airport codes and those destination bumper stickers -- which, although they slightly annoy me -- still convey a hip-ish vibe.

"DWNTWN MIAMI" isn't the definitive choice yet.  You can even vote for your favorite logo.

The only downside to this sudden vowel-aversion is that "Miami" itself might be harder hit than most cities.  I mean, who wants to hang out in "Mm"?