Pobiddy_1 Wooster and Sharp Top and Dewy Rose and Hemp.

Santa's forgotten reindeer? Lip gloss flavors?

Nope, they're towns in Georgia that were unceremoniously wiped off the map earlier this year, when the Georgia Transportation Department redrew its map of the state.

These towns, most of which were very small, were removed from the map, along with communities such as Poetry Tulip, Due West, Po Biddy Crossroads, Cloudland, and Roosterville.

Transportation officials said the goal was to make the maps clearer and easier to read. So they did away with the towns that were either too tiny or had names that took up too much space on the map. In all, they deleted 488 communities from the map.

Unsurprisingly, this has elicited criticsm from the affected towns:

"This gets back to respect for rural areas," said Dennis Holt, who is leading a community group that wants to restore the good name of western Georgia's Hickory Level, population 1,000, which was founded in 1828 and recently put up five new welcome signs. "I'm not sure we're going to accomplish anything, but I would have felt bad about myself if I didn't say something about it."

Hickory Level, we hardly knew ye!