February 16, 2010: 3 - 5 pm (EST)

Despite decades of work and billions of dollars, millions of American families remain stuck in a cycle of poverty--often exacerbated by exclusion from mainstream financial institutions.

Recent research shows that in cities such as Los Angeles, for example, $150 million in income is lost every year to check-cashing and payday loans--four times what the federal government spends per year on workforce training in the same city.

In recent years creative cities have taken bold steps to re-invent their approach to poverty reduction. Many, for instance, are changing the focus to the development of assets that create wealth and additional income for low- and middle-income families. Using this and other innovative approaches, these cities have begun the process of working proactively for the long-term financial health and stability of our country's urban neighborhoods. As the major funder of many existing programs from Medicaid to TANF, state and federal policymakers are closely intertwined with city officials on transforming local poverty approaches.

In this Webinar, thought leaders will present the results of their work at the forefront of financial empowerment including small business entrepreneurship, wealth creation and asset development. Ample time will be allocated for audience Q&A. The panel includes:

  • Andrea Levere (moderator) - President, Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED)
  • Jose Cisneros - Treasurer for the City and County of San Francisco; Co-Chair, Cities for Financial Empowerment
  • Jonathan Mintz - Commissioner, New York City Department of Consumer Affairs; Co-Chair, Cities for Financial Empowerment
  • Mary Dupont - Division Director, Delaware State Service Centers; CFED Innovator
  • Carol Wayman - Director of Federal Policy, CFED

~This Webinar takes place online. Registration required, and free of charge.~

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