By Bree Burkitt

Following confusion and outrage over Tempe Police Department's new "positive ticketing" campaign, police officials promise no one will be pulled over for following the law.

The department started a new initiative Monday called the "Positive Ticketing Campaign." Channel 12 (KPNX) initially reported officers would be pulling people over to issue Circle K drink coupons to people following traffic laws.

The social media response was swift and critical, with local legal experts challenging the constitutionality of such actions.

Several hours later, Tempe police spokesman Det. Greg Bacon clarified that officers won't actually be pulling anyone over.

"We're not violating anyone's rights," Bacon told The Arizona Republic. "The intent is not for officers to stop cars, pull over a bike or detain anyone under any circumstances. It's simply an educational campaign on scooter, bike and pedestrian safety."

Bacon explained that a school resource officer may give a student wearing a helmet while riding a bike a coupon if they see the student around campus or a patrol officer might hand a coupon to someone in line at a fast food restaurant if they saw them properly yield to a pedestrian.