Joey_novick Robin Williams, Jerry Seinfeld, Dane Cook.  Sure those guys are funny, but can they run a city?

Joey Novick can.

Novick is a professional comedian who has served on the Borough Council of Flemington, NJ, since 1995. He also runs a site called Improv for Leaders. (This is according to a press release I got the other day from Novick just...sort of...announcing that he exists. Don't get me wrong; I'm thrilled to know of him. Just a little perplexed about the PR blitz.)

Anyway, Novick seems to be using his comedic powers for municipal good:

Joey Novick has presented his humor and improv workshops to the New Jersey League Of Municipalities, Colorado Municipal League, Connecticut Conference Of Municipalities, Kentucky League Of Cities, Maine Municipal Association, Massachusetts Municipal Association, Nevada League Of Cities, New Hampshire Municipal Association, New Mexico Municipal League, New York State Conference Of Mayors and Municipal Officials, Rhode Island League Of Cities and Towns, West Virginia Municipal League, The National League Of Cities, and The National Association Of County Officials.

Novick will be appearing every third Friday night at The Laff Factory, and every other Monday at the Flemington Borough Hall.