The city of Denver has shelved an employee diversity training video because of complaints that the video itself is racist -- against white people.

The eight-minute video, titled "Laughing Matters," depicted a [white] character named Billy making off-color sexist and racist jokes on topics such as Carlos not doing any work while waiting for supplies.

"Right now, their (the city's) diversity program is racially motivated against white males," said Dennis Supple, a white heating mechanic who has worked for the city for about 18 months.

Check out the video for yourself. As a white guy myself, I personally don't find it offensive to white people. But, hey, maybe some people would.

I will say this, though: What's the alternative here?  Have a video that features people of ALL races making racist jokes? Does Denver need to show an Inuit Eskimo making a joke about a Sri Lankan?  And then, in turn, the Sri Lankan gets to take a dig at Haitians? (Incidentally, have you heard the one about the Inuit, the Sri Lankan and the Haitian?  Funny stuff.)