The Louisville Courier-Journal took a look this week at the records of who donated money in the most recent gubernatorial campaign, and the paper found some unlikely people among the group of top donors.

Amber Dufour of London would hardly fit anyone's concept of a political fat cat.

She is 21, earns $8.50 an hour as a corrections officer at the Laurel County Detention Center -- and didn't even vote in this year's May primary for governor, according to her state voting record.

Yet Amber Dufour was among the biggest contributors in that campaign, state records show.

She gave $1,000 to Gov. Ernie Fletcher; $1,000 to Fletcher's Republican rival, Anne Northup; and $500 to Democrat Steve Henry.

Another big giver in the primary was Tom Chesney, maintenance supervisor for the Union County school system.

That's Union County, Tenn.

Chesney contributed $1,000 to Democrat Steve Beshear, even though he said of the gubernatorial candidate, "I don't even know the guy."

So why donate to a candidate he doesn't know, in a state where he doesn't live?

"I was reimbursed," he said, by a cousin who is a Beshear supporter.

Check out the whole article.  It's a pretty interesting read.