Wonkette has been chronicling the bizarre -- and hilarious! -- story of the header photo on the campaign website for New Orleans mayoral candidate Kimberly Williamson Bulter.

Here's the original photo:


Nice, right? Quaint little French Quarter street, potted plants everywhere, tourists, no trash -- in fact, there's a smart little trash can right there. Why, the French Quarter has never looked better!

This is where the story gets crazy.

Bloggers started to notice that there's a lot about the photo that seems off. The curve in the street, the way the sidewalks funnel together as the street goes back, the lack of cars, and that perky little trash can -- it all looks a little like, well, Disneyland.

That's because it's a photo of Disneyland (Exhibit A, Exhibit B).

Yes, Butler, who lives in New Orleans, chose the Happiest Place on Earth to stand-in for the Big Easy.

Disney confirmed that it is indeed a picture of the New Orleans Square at the California theme park, and said the matter had been turned over to Disney lawyers (is there any scarier sentence than that??).

So what was Butler's response? She just photoshopped the little offending trash can out of the image and kept it on her web site!


But the damage has probably already been done. Butler -- never a serious contender for mayor -- has become kind of a laughingstock. The Times-Picayune says she's in "la-la land." And other bloggers have begun photoshopping her into mayoral races for other fantastical places.