From a 13th Floor operative in Colorado comes this interesting update of LovelandSexualSculptureGate '06, in which some residents of Loveland, CO, were upset that a sculpture placed on a public street (as part of a city-run public arts program) depicted what they thought was an erotic act.

From commenter Grafikman:

I live in Loveland Colorado, just a few blocks away from the statue. First, the street is hardly busy, it's on the SE edge of town in a rural area. After a few imaginative pranksters came and "clothed" the sculpture under cover of darkness, it was quietly removed in the middle of the night in early 2007 and now resides in the city's main sculpture park behind some view-blocking foliage.

I agree there's too much prudishness concerning non-sexual sculpture in America -if you act like it's dirty, people will think it is and crave it more. And protest it more. That being said, if you go to the sculptor's main website (some Nordic woman, I can't remember offhand) you'll see the original name for the piece was not "Triangle", but "Playful Togetherness". Wonder why the name change?


Personally, I'm still stumped as to how anyone could think this sculpture depicts a sex act.  Seems like an awfully tricky maneuver.