Newark, New Jersey, Mayor Cory Booker knows you think his city is a punchline. But he's out to change that.

After Conan O'Brien made fun of Newark this week, Booker bit back with a funny, Web-savvy response.

Here's what Conan said: "The mayor of Newark, New Jersey, wants to set up a city-wide program to improve residents' health. The health care program would consist of a bus ticket out of Newark."

Har, har.

Here's Booker's response:

In my opinion, it's spot-on: a great balance of funny and serious.  And, at a minute and three seconds, it's good for the internets. And it's just the kind of meme Conan might pick up on (whereas if Booker had just railed or made fun of him, that probably would have been the end of it.)

Booker's smart and savvy.  I saw him on the Colbert Report a couple weeks ago, talking about "Brick City," the new Sundance Channel documentary about Booker's fight to improve Newark.

Here's his Colbert appearance:

So if Booker ever does decide to leave Newark, he's got late-night nailed.