You may have heard President Obama speak about the need for a new approach to community problem solving, or heard that he's created a White House Office of Social Innovation, a Social Innovation Fund, in addition to a Race to the Top Fund for education. A number of governors and mayors are following suit. But what does 'social innovation' mean? And how does it relate to you as someone committed to innovation in governance?

Starting Tuesday February 2, I am excited to be featured as a guest blogger on Social Edge, a global online community where social entrepreneurs and other practitioners of the social benefit sector connect to network, learn, inspire and share resources. Each week, I will include an excerpt from our new book, The Power of Social Innovation: How Social Entrepreneurs Ignite Community Networks for Good, and open a discussion for readers around the intersection of government and social entrepreneurship.

Developed through interviews with some 100 public officials and social entrepreneurs, The Power of Social Innovation offers common sense principles and strategies to help public officials, social entrepreneurs and citizens alike to produce extraordinary social change and address community needs.

Hosted by the Skoll Foundation, Social Edge is the largest online community of social innovators and practitioners committed to social good. Please join us for this exciting conversation, and to gain a sneak peek into The Power of Social Innovation, set to hit bookshelves in March.