Horse I know, I know. You read all these different posts on the 13th Floor about the legal status of horsemeat in the U.S., and you think, "Well, that's all well and good, but where can I actually purchase any of this delicious meat miracle?"

It's tender, low in fat and high in protein. (So says Wikipedia.)  Why wouldn't you be clamoring to get some?!  (Other than the obvious reasons.)

Well, you might be in luck, if you're in the Lone Star State anyway. Texas state Sen. Glenn Hegar has slipped a provision into a routine bill reviewing the state animal health commission -- a provision that would pave the way for the legal sale of horsemeat in the state.

Mr. Hegar, R-Katy, said that in some cases, horse slaughter is the best option - particularly when the alternatives are leaving a horse starving at pasture or, worse, shipping the animal to Mexico under horrific conditions.

"I understand the emotions of this issue," he said. "But unfortunately ... we turn a blind eye and assume since there's not horse processing, that means the animal will be treated humanely and justly."

Hegar's senate colleagues approved the bill unanimously -- maybe they weren't aware of his provision. But it'll probably be stripped out in the House.

Still, if you want to push for your right to buy horse alongside your beef and pork, now's your chance.