Here at Governing, we get random promotional stuff sent to the office all the time. (If you need a copy of a new book about the Helen Boosalis, the mayor of Lincoln, Nebraska, from 1975-1983, I'm your guy.) But we just got something that takes the cake.

It's this package of stuff from an event planning company (like I said: random). It's all about how the company has gone green by banning Styrofoam from its events.  (Which is great, of course, but what is this, 1997?  Shouldn't they have quit using Styrofoam before now?)

Anyway, this press release all about how green this company is contained the following:

--a thick, glossy portfolio

--a full-color promotional booklet describing the company

--a CD in its own glossy, full-color case

--a 3-page press release on heavy paper

--6 separate, full-color posters describing the company's services and "food philosophy"

--6 small cards on topics like "A Guide to Sustainable Seafood Choices" and "10 Easy Steps to Make Your Facility Greener"

--a canvas bag with a plastic bottom insert, printed with the company's logo

The real kicker? We got SEVEN of these packets delivered -- EACH IN ITS OWN CARDBOARD MAILING BOX -- from the post office.

The irony is positively suffocating.