posted by Zach Patton

Governorsmansion_3 Kentucky Gov. Ernie Flecther doesn't need any more public relations debacles.

But he's getting flak right now for not walking to work. The Kentucky governor's mansion sits literally across a small side street from the state capitol in Frankfort. (It's that white building to the left of the capitol in this old postcard.)

But instead of walking a couple hundred feet, Fletcher rides in a chauffeured Lincoln Town Car.

His team says it's a security measure. And maybe it is, to some degree. But it just looks really bad (and the phrase "chauffeured Lincoln Town Car" doesn't exactly scream "man of the people"). It's especially bad because he's urging Kentuckians to walk more, in an effort to promote health.

This AP story has a good round-up of several other governors, and whether they walk or drive (or are driven) to work.