Detroit Driving around a city can be a good way to get to know it. Detroit Free Press columnist Bill McGraw has taken that idea to the extreme.

McGraw spent five months driving every single block of every single street in the city of Detroit. That's 2,100 streets, or as McGraw puts it, taking a 2,700-mile road trip without ever leaving the city:

The idea was to get a unique view of Detroit, a short-term, street-level survey of Detroit's 138 square miles, a once-in-a-lifetime snapshot of the city Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and others insist is coming back.

From downtown -- where the comeback is evident -- through the immense territory of Detroit's neighborhoods -- where the future seems less certain -- the trip was never boring.

I saw well-to-do people moving into $1-million homes. Forlorn people emerging from sleeping in weeds. Artists taking over old factories. Trash cooking in the sun. Neighbors talking on porches. Roosters crowing. A prostitute on a bicycle.

He just wrapped up a several-part series on what he saw on the streets of Motor City. Here's the intro to the series, with links to each story.