Carey Torrice is a commissioner for Macomb County, Michigan.

Carey Torrice is also, according to her official bio, an actress.

And a private investigator (!).

And she was also named by Hollywood gossip site TMZ (not usually known for its coverage of Michigan county commissioners) as maybe the hottest politician in the U.S. of A.

But the real reason you should get to know Carey Torrice is her amazing, amazing official Web site. Photo Reel Macomb County Commissioner

It's chock full of photos, uh...well, you don't normally see on a a county commissioner's Web site.

To wit:

Carey Torrice Photo Lifting Weights

"Carey Torrice stresses physical fitness"

Carey Torrice in Sheriff's Costume with gun and flashlight from

"Carey Torrice modeling gloves to donate to police departments"

More photos -- including one from something called "Hottiefest" -- after the jump.

(Via Wonkette)

Carey Torrice Hottifest Army Hat photo

"I am the daughter of a U.S. Marine.  I fully support our men and women in uniform! Semper Fi!"

Carey Torrice photo uniform with hat and badge

"Carey Torrice wins 2nd Place - Sexiest Politician ???"

Carey Torrice Lineup at Hottiefest

"Carey as an official hottie at the Hottiefest"