Over the past few days, a number of news outlets (including Governing) have updated their electoral college breakdown predictions. Here is a list of recent breakdowns, collected by political contributor Louis Jacobson:

Governing's Louis Jacobson: 247 leaning Obama, 191 leaning Romney, 100 tossup

Associated Press: 242 leaning Obama, 191 leaning Romney, 105 tossup

Chris Cillizza of Washington Post's The Fix: 237 leaning Obama, 191 leaning Romney, 110 tossup

Cook Political Report: 217 leaning Obama, 195 leaning Romney, 126 tossup

NBC Political Unit: 227 leaning Obama, 197 leaning Romney, 114 tossup

RealClearPolitics: 227 leaning Obama, 170 leaning Romney, 141 tossup

Rothenberg Political Report: 237 leaning Obama, 206 leaning Romney, 95 tossup

University of Virginia political scientist Larry Sabato: 247 leaning Obama, 206 leaning generic Republican, 85 tossup