Stun Gun Ban to End in New Jersey

October 20, 2017

 If your dream of owning a stun gun has been thwarted by the state’s decades-long ban, you’re in luck: Thanks to a U.S. Supreme Court decision, New Jersey residents will soon be free to buy the devices for the first time since 1985.

There are a few caveats to the new rules, for which the public comment period ends Sunday. Minors can’t buy a stun gun, nor can felons or the mentally ill. But otherwise, it’s open season.
The New Jersey Second Amendment Society, which alongside a state resident sued Attorney General Christopher Porrino on grounds that New Jersey’s ban was unconstitutional, wanted it that way, said Alexander Roubian, the group’s president.
“We were adamant about fighting to make sure there was no permits or permission from the government attached to this,” Roubian said, citing the 2015 murder of a South Jersey woman who was waiting for a firearms permit as reasoning. “We feel this is very important in regard to allowing people to protect themselves.”
The dismantling of New Jersey’s stun gun ban comes six months after Porrino’s office signed a consent order acknowledging that the law violated the Second Amendment. But while gun groups cheer, New Jersey’s law enforcement community is ambivalent about the dismantling of the state’s 32-year law.
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