At Trump's Prison Reform Meeting, 2 Conservative Governors Take Center Stage

January 12, 2018

President Donald Trump has promoted a tough-on-crime agenda at the White House. But he says the nation needs to find ways to help inmates eventually re-enter society.

Searching for conservative solutions on criminal justice, Trump convened a group of governors, faith-based leaders and experts on Thursday to “break this vicious cycle” and find ways of bringing job training, mentoring and drug addiction treatment to the nation’s prison population.

“We have a great interest in helping them turn their lives around, get a second chance and make our communities safe,” Trump said at the White House. He added, “We will be very tough on crime but we will provide a ladder of opportunity for the future.”

The round-table discussion, which included Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Republican Govs. Matt Bevin of Kentucky and Sam Brownback of Kansas and others, focused on finding ways to help non-violent prisoners learn new skills to help them transition from incarceration.

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