Top State Officials Join Bipartisan Fight Against Election Hacking

September 13, 2017

Two months after the campaign managers for Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney helped launch an effort to help campaigns prevent future cyber attacks, four secretaries of state have signed on to work on their project.

Republicans Mac Warner of West Virginia and Tom Schedler of Louisiana, and Democrats Denise Merrill of Connecticut and Nellie Gorbea of Rhode Island, are now participating in the effort to create a non-partisan playbook for campaigns.

The project is in part fueled by the presidential campaign experiences of Robby Mook and Matt Rhoades, both of whom managed campaigns that fell victim to hacking by foreign entities.

Mook and Rhoades have been in touch with a number of campaigns this year but won’t identify any of them because of the sensitivity of the issue.

“Not everyone wants to talk about it, because if you’re talking about it you’re not talking about your campaign, your candidate, and you’re also putting a target on your back, I totally get that,” Rhoades said. “A lot of the meetings that we have, discussions we have, are completely off the record for those reasons."

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