An ethics complaint alleging Mayor Megan Barry's affair with a police officer unduly influenced her stance on criminal justice policy has prompted a new city investigation into the mayor. 

The complaint, filed Wednesday afternoon, echoes concerns from progressive community groups that say Barry's affair with Sgt. Rob Forrest may have contributed to her lack of support for a community oversight board to monitor police. 

"Regardless of whether anyone was aware or actively advocating to influence her decisions regarding any issue of public safety policy which was at odds with the official (police) position, the simple fact is she knew there was at least one officer who could air her dirty laundry at a moment's notice and that fact alone brings into question her ability to be an honest broker in any discussion or consideration of these issues," wrote Theeda Murphy, the Nashville resident and frequent police policy protester who filed the complaint.

On Tuesday, Barry's spokesman Sean Braisted said: "Mayor Barry has taken policy positions she believes are in the best interest of the entire community based on staff and community input." 

Braisted referred to the same comment Wednesday when asked about the complaint.