Incumbent Miro Weinberger will be mayor of Burlington for the next three years, as he handily won a third term in an election that saw high turnout and two challengers from his left who criticized his administration's transparency and willingness to listen to the people. 

Unofficial results showed the Democrat received 5,749 votes, defeating independent challenger Carina Driscoll with 4,155 votes. Independent candidate Infinite Culcleasure was third with 1,910 votes.

"This is what moving forward looks like," he told a packed group of supporters at Nectar's. Screams, cheers and applause greeted him when he arrived with his family shortly after 8 p.m. 

He congratulated his opponents for having "the courage to climb into this race and fight for their vision of Burlington's future" and said he would be looking forward to engaging them and their supporters as he began his third term.

"Burlington voters sent a clear message," he said. He told his supporters that the city, which saw strong turnout, endorsed the idea of fiscal responsibility, addressing climate change, opportunity for all and building a more equitable city.