After White Supremacists Return to Charlottesville, City Reevaluates Its Protest Policy

October 9, 2017

The city of Charlottesville is cooking up a plan to block torch-wielding hate mongers from returning after a third and unannounced visit by Richard Spencer’s followers.

Officials in the Virginia college town said Sunday they are forming a task force to research changes to local and state policies after dozens of white supremacists and nationalists flocked to a contentious Confederate statue for the first time since a fatal attack on peaceful protesters.

The announcement follows Mayor Mike Signer’s pledge Saturday night to seek legal options aimed at stopping the hate-spouting rallies for good.

“It is unconscionable that Mr. Spencer and his allies would return to our City to intimidate and spread fear, especially after their morally reprehensible invasion of the city on August 12th,” city officials said in a statement outlining their plan.

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