After Sexual Harassment Probe, Arizona House Expels Lawmaker

February 2, 2018 AT 9:20 AM

The Arizona House of Representatives voted Thursday to immediately expel Rep. Don Shooter from office for "dishonorable" behavior after an investigation found he sexually harassed women over many years.

It was the first time since 1991 that a member of the Arizona Legislature was removed by fellow lawmakers.

House members voted 56-3 to oust Shooter, R-Yuma, after a dramatic flurry of events that led House Speaker J.D. Mesnard, who had initially proposed censuring Shooter, to push for his immediate removal.

"This is a horrifying day," said Mesnard, R-Chandler. "It’s no small thing to override the will of voters. I pleaded with Mr. Shooter to resign, to not force this vote. He would not back down."

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