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America’s Least Active City Sits Down to Celebrate

After Lexington, Ky., earned the award for least active city, residents and the mayor took to the streets to boast their win in a Sedentary Parade.
by | December 2011

There was a whole lot of lethargy at the Sedentary Parade in Lexington, Ky., earlier this fall. The parade -- a wink at the city being named America’s least active by Men’s Health magazine -- was led by Mayor Jim Gray, who propped his feet up on a motorized couch and coffee table. Marching bands in pajamas listlessly slogged through the parade route, pretending to fall asleep in the street. The parade ended with a festival on healthy living, with more than 70 organizations demonstrating calorie-burning activities like soccer and dance. Gray told the Lexington Herald-Leader he agrees the city is “not the healthiest.” “We’ve got things to work on,” he said. “Sometimes we have to poke fun at ourselves to improve ourselves.”


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