Next month, when Americans cast their ballots in this year’s elections, most of them will hit the polls in schools, churches and municipal buildings. But many voting booths across the country are found in less-familiar settings. 

For the past several years, photographer Ryan Donnell has documented some of the nation’s most surprising, unique and out-of-the-way polling places. It’s a reminder that, wherever it’s cast -- in a pool hall or a church, a laundromat or a Vietnamese restaurant -- a vote is a vote.

Su Nueva Laundromat, Chicago, 2012

  Saigon Maxim Vietnamese restaurant, South Philadelphia, 2008

  The Beverly Hills Hotel, Beverly Hills, Calif., 2012

  Pressure Billiards & Cafe, Chicago, 2012

  Elmwood Roller Skating Rink, West Philadelphia, 2008

  Paleteria El Sabor de Michoacan, Chicago, 2012

  Lifeguard shack, Los Angeles County, 2012

  Ralph's Marine repair shop, Chicago, 2012

  McDonald's PlayPlace, Los Angeles, 2012