Will Chaffetz and Herbert Shake Up Utah's Race for Governor?

April 21, 2017

The speculative list of possible candidates for governor in 2020 includes another surprise name: incumbent Gov. Gary Herbert, who during last year's re-election campaign said his current third term would be his last.

During his monthly news conference Thursday on KUED-TV, he indicated he might run again — but it came amid several jokes. Afterward, reporters noted that he was murky on the question and gave him a chance to clarify — and he declined.

He then said with a smile, "Politicians are always very clear."

That comes after Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, said this week he will not seek re-election, but left open the door to run for governor in 2020. Josh Romney, son of former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, also is seen as a potential candidate.

"Am I seeking re-election in 2020? Well, it's a little early to make that decision," Herbert said at his news conference.

Then he jested, "Who knows, I may run for Congress" to replace Chaffetz — and he jokingly said he was irritated that his name had not been included in the long list of people seen as potential candidates to replace Chaffetz.


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