Wisconsin Makes It Easier for Rural School Districts to Raise Property Taxes

March 14, 2018

Low-spending school districts in Wisconsin will be allowed to increase property taxes without voter approval under a measure signed into law Monday by Gov. Scott Walker.

Right now, the most frugal school districts can spend up to $9,100 per student from a combination of state and local funding. The law Walker signed Monday increases that to $9,400.

The new law also increases what's known as "sparsity aid" for rural school districts with low enrollment from $300 to $400. That change is projected to cost state government roughly $6.5 million next year.

"It shouldn't matter where you live, it shouldn't matter how big or small your community is," Walker said at a bill signing ceremony at Riverdale High School in Muscoda. "Every student in this state should have access to a great education."

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