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Ohio Lt. Governor's Job Is a Balancing Act

Mary Taylor is the only deputy to also serve as the state insurance commissioner, a position she balances along with heading up a regulatory reform commission.
by | July 2011

State to state, the duties of the 45 lieutenant governors vary. Many preside over the state Senate and various commissions; a few perform as secretary of state. But Ohio Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor is the only deputy to also serve as the state insurance commissioner.

Appointed by Gov. John Kasich to lead the Ohio Department of Insurance and a wider regulatory reform effort, the former state auditor is responsible for bringing more jobs to Ohio -- especially insurance jobs. Ohio is the seventh largest state for insurance industry employment. Taylor is also in charge of establishing insurance exchanges as mandated by the health-care reform act -- although Ohio is one of 27 states suing the federal government over it.

To prioritize her responsibilities, Taylor focuses on whatever the important issue of the day is, while staying in communication with her staffers if traveling and promoting job creation efforts. “Balance is always a question. It’s always a valid question. It’s always a tough question to answer,” Taylor says. “I think we do it every day in our lives, whether it’s professional or personal, or responsibilities at work.”

Tina Trenkner
Tina Trenkner  |  Deputy Editor,  |  @tinatrenkner

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