Government to the Power of IBM

Your citizens live in a digital world. Meet them where they live with government built for the high-tech era. IBM’s analytics, machine learning and data mining solutions can transform government with insight to enhance citizen relations, safety and quality of life, while improving efficiency, cost control and transparency across agencies.


Thomas Watson, Jr “pull(s) out all the stops” for IBM to become the central player on SAGE, the first ever large-scale integrated online system that met the unique needs of government.

Public Safety and Policing

Get insight from data to predict and reduce crime, make critical decisions to save lives and ensure safer, more prosperous communities.

Five ways law enforcement can make the most of their digital evidence

There are an increasing number of data sources and individual files are getting bigger. Learn how technology can better enable law enforcement to continually prevent crimes, protect communities, and save lives.

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Social Services

Deliver citizen-centric services focused on promoting individual health and welfare and improving lives throughout the community.

Citizen-Centered Service Delivery

Explore concepts that provide government the opportunity to provide good service, a lower cost of delivery, and improved outcomes.

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21st Century Cybersecurity

Provide scalable, integrated and sophisticated security capabilities to combat ever-evolving threats and keep essential data safe from compromise.

The changing face of IT security in the government sector

Rising attack rates and massive breaches plague government organizations. How can information security assist governments protect and enhance the lives of its citizens?

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Digital forensics: Connecting the dots in your investigation

This compelling video illustrates how a modern digital investigation, powered by artificial intelligence, can reveal critical clues from all evidence data sources. Watch Video