TABLE of CONTENTS November 2011

Cover Story

Who’s Winning the Amazon Tax Battles?

BY Kirk Victor

State legislative fights over Internet sales tax collection have been fierce, with the big Internet retailer playing the heavyweight.


Can Redistricting Ever Be Fair?

Several states are setting up independent commissions in the hope of removing bias from the line-drawing process. BY Alan Greenblatt

New Jersey Comes to Atlantic City’s Rescue

With revenues in freefall, the state has stepped in to save a city in decline. BY David Raskin


Health & Human Services

States Cut Welfare Benefits -- Again

At a time when people need it the most, states are tightening work requirements, lowering payments and setting time limits for welfare recipients. BY Caroline Cournoyer

New Headaches for ‘No Child Left Behind’

New NCLB waivers may impact the classroom more than the old law they’re trying to escape did. BY Caroline Cournoyer
Management & Labor

South Carolina Says It's a 'Great Day'

A new etiquette directive from Gov. Nikki Haley has state employees sounding more chipper. BY Tina Trenkner
Infrastructure & Environment

What Can Cities Learn from Wasps?

An evolutionary biologist adapts his theories to help local officials plan parks and improve schools. BY Caroline Cournoyer

Full-Service Government Comes to an End

Whether we like it or not, it’s time to expect less -- lots less -- from government. BY Caroline Cournoyer
Energy & Environment

Austin Goes 100 Percent Renewable

Austin, Texas, is the nation’s first local government to run its operations with 100 percent renewable energy. BY Caroline Cournoyer
Potomac Chronicle

Column: Housing Policy Deserves a Demotion

GOVERNING Publisher Emeritus Peter Harkness says it may be time for government to get out of the business of promoting homeownership. BY Caroline Cournoyer
Health & Human Services

More States Employ Wellness Insurance Programs

Can incentives help state workers shed their unhealthy habits and cut health-care costs? BY Caroline Cournoyer
State News

Ohio EPA Will Leave National Group, State Director Says

Ohio EPA Will Leave National Group, State Director Says BY Tina Trenkner
Economic Engines

Should Government Spend or Invest Money?

In order to ensure long-term economic prosperity, states and localities should focus on investment. BY Caroline Cournoyer
Urban Notebook

Pensions Threaten to Sink Cities

Pension problems at the state level have been grabbing headlines for some time, but many experts believe the real trouble is at the local level. BY Caroline Cournoyer



Ohio County Demolishes Homes to Remove Blight

A land bank knocks down foreclosed homes to stabilize Cleveland-area neighborhoods -- all at the lender’s expense. BY Caroline Cournoyer
Smart Management

Performance Auditors Lose Influence in Tight Times

Groups that assess the value of government programs inevitably make some enemies. That’s one reason the programs are always first on the chopping block. BY Caroline Cournoyer
Tech Talk

Governments Testing Use of Personal Devices for Work

New technologies are making it safer for government employees to access sensitive data on their personal computers and smartphones. BY Caroline Cournoyer
Public Money

State, Local Finances in a Global Economy

State and local fiscal fortunes are now linked to the ups and downs of markets on every continent. BY Caroline Cournoyer
Infrastructure & Environment

The Man Behind U.S. Transportation’s Future

Ron Thaniel guides the transportation conversation for the nation’s cities, and he wants to talk about infrastructure. BY Caroline Cournoyer