TABLE of CONTENTS September 2010

Cover Story

Colorado Springs' Do-It-Yourself Government

BY Zach Patton

The citizens of Colorado Springs must decide how much they want from their government, and how much they're willing to pay for it.


Merging IT Systems Causes Problems for States and Localities

Why are states and localities having so much trouble merging their IT systems? BY Tod Newcombe

Beating Poverty With Cash Incentives

A new way to help the poor become self-sufficient raises hackles at both ends of the political spectrum -- and questions about effectiveness. BY Jonathan Walters

From Facebook to Government: Can Millennials Increase Government Popularity?

Millennials made Facebook popular. Can they do the same with government? BY John Della Volpe

Community Colleges Struggle to Keep Up With Demands

Community colleges face a new challenge today -- meeting the overwhelming demand for their services. BY John Della Volpe



Florida Unemployment Strategy Focuses on Getting Back to Work

The Sunshine State's new workforce strategy breaks with the past. BY Andy Kim

Politics + Policy


Governor Mark Parkinson Pins Successes on Lame Duck Status

Kansas' governor has taken the politics out of lawmaking -- and has had great success so far. BY Andy Kim

State Estate Taxes at the Mercy of Congress

What is the future of the 'death tax'? BY Andy Kim
Infrastructure & Environment

Building Demolition a Turning Point in Hartford

One of the first orders of business for the new Mayor Pedro Segarra: getting rid of the 'Butt Ugly' building. BY Andy Kim

Colorado Collects Popular Votes by Mail

Once open to choices, Colorado appears headed toward all-mail balloting. BY Andy Kim
Potomac Chronicle

State and Federal Immigration Policy Challenges Republicans and Democrats

The politics of immigration policy are tricky for both parties. BY Andy Kim

New York Illegal Sublet Law Affects Vacation Rentals

A clarification in New York's housing laws targets illegal hotel operators -- and apartment owners. BY Andy Kim
Health & Human Services

NYC Handles the Rise of Bedbugs

Bedbugs are biting again in a major outbreak, forcing local officials to scramble for solutions. BY Andy Kim
Energy & Environment

Proposed Stormwater Plan in Philadelphia Emphasizes Green Infrastructure

A plan in Philadelphia to build a greener, more sustainable stormwater system may well blast green infrastructure into the mainstream. BY Andy Kim
Economic Development

Measuring Economic Development Without Depending on Jobs

Can you have economic development without job growth? BY Andy Kim
Urban Notebook

Dallas Covers Highway with Greenery

Cities are increasingly decking highways with piles of greenery and new development. BY Andy Kim

Problem Solver

Energy & Environment

Clean Energy Programs Pit Advocates Against Mortgage Lenders

Clean energy advocates battle mortgage lenders over the validation of the ever-popular PACE programs. BY Andy Kim
Smart Management

Governments Need to Get to Know Their Vendors

Before contracting out a government function, a jurisdiction must have solid information about a firm's performance. BY Andy Kim
Tech Talk

The Costs and Liabilities of Using Old Computer Systems

States must create better ways of modernizing important computer systems before they become a liability. BY Andy Kim
Public Money

Could Credit Default Swaps Undermine the Fiscal Stability of Municipal Bonds?

Could credit default swaps undermine the fiscal stability of state and local bond issuers? BY Andy Kim

Mayor Villaraigosa’s Director of New Media Tweets Around L.A.

Adam Cooper helps Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa navigate the world of new media. BY Andy Kim