TABLE of CONTENTS August 2008

Cover Story

Carbon Goes to Market

BY Tom Arrandale

Late this month, 10 Northeastern states will conclude an auction like no other in American history. What's up for grabs is not art or property. It's...


Locked Up

On a ranch outside Cranfield, Mississippi, workers for the state's largest oil and gas operator are shooting a dense liquid 10,300 feet into the earth. The... BY Christopher Swope

A Union 'Yes'

Randi Weingarten likes to brag a little about the reading and math test scores posted this year at two New York City charter schools she... BY Alan Greenblatt

Turning the Lottery Loose

With Virginia struggling to pay for such pressing priorities as transportation and education and the legislature exhibiting its traditional lack of appetite for raising taxes,... BY Jonathan Walters

The Plugged-In Patient

Call it the Google lift or the Microsoft bump. This spring, these tech powerhouses announced they were entering the field of personal health records, and... BY Ellen Perlman

Dues Blues

The housing slump is taking a toll on homeowner associations. BY Brendan Schlauch

Up Front

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Revival by Restaurant

Downtowns used to be the place to shop. Now, they're the place to eat. BY Alan Ehrenhalt
Potomac Chronicle

Water Wars and Peace

The Great Lakes states and provinces sign on to protect their greatest resource -- and need only a rubber stamp from the feds. BY Jonathan Walters

The Business of Government

Public Money

The Big Bill

In Massachusetts, there is an ongoing disconnect between enjoying the good things in life and paying for them. BY John E. Petersen
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Beyond the Benchmark

A school district's database empowers teachers and measures what their students are actually learning. BY Mark Toner
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Priceless Behavior

. BY Penelope Lemov
Smart Management

Executioner's Song

There is a lot of fanfare when a new program is signed into law. But then, it disappears from sight. Why is that? BY Katherine Barrett & Richard Greene