TABLE of CONTENTS October 2010

Cover Story

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's Evolving Leadership

BY John Buntin

Bobby Jindal took office with a mandate to change state government. Three years later, it’s the governor’s approach to leadership that has changed instead.


Goodbye Moderate Governors, Hello Partisans

From Vermont to Hawaii, moderate governors are leaving office after the fall elections. Will partisan purists soon be running state government? BY Josh Goodman

Democrats May Lose Control in 2010 State Elections

Democrats are poised to lose a slew of state legislative chambers and attorney general offices. BY Louis Jacobson

The Politics Behind Not Levying Personal State Income Taxes

In the nine states that don’t levy a personal income tax, the politics of staying that course remains powerful. BY Jonathan Walters

States Test Algae as a Biofuel

Could algae be the next big thing in biofuels? Some states are finding out. BY Zach Patton



The Resiliance of Procurement Reform in Georgia

A political transition down South will test the resilience of procurement reform. BY Andy Kim

Politics + Policy


State Legislatures Tackle Concussions in School Athletics

Growing concerns about the risks associated with serious head injuries are catching the attention of state legislatures. BY Andy Kim
Infrastructure & Environment

Smarter Parking in San Francisco

San Francisco's two-year pilot project will adjust parking prices based on time and location. BY Andy Kim

Oregon’s Pension Puzzle

Oregon's public pension performance in the past decade has been stellar, but can they maintain it in years to come? BY Andy Kim

Florida's Amendment 4 Puts Land-Use Issues on the Ballot

Is this the perfect year for Florida voters to constrain development? BY Andy Kim
Potomac Chronicle

Why States and Localities Are Watching the Lower Federal Courts

Court cases rarely travel up to the Supreme Court, so lower courts are often the last stop for controversial cases. BY Andy Kim
Infrastructure & Environment

States Take a Closer Look at Interstate Tolling

States stuck with maintaining federal highways are paying more attention to the potential of interstate tolls. BY Andy Kim
Health & Human Services

Creating User-Friendly Medical Technology

Students design medical technologies with the patient in mind. BY Andy Kim
Energy & Environment

LEED Introduces Green Guidelines for Sustainable Landscapes

A new rating system seeks to make sustainable landscapes standard. BY Andy Kim
Infrastructure & Environment

Getting in Front of Communication and Transportation Investments

Government keeps adapting to how information and people travel. BY Andy Kim
Urban Notebook

Problems in Preserving a City's Downtown District

Downtowns, the soul of every city, are hanging on. BY Andy Kim

Problem Solver

Economic Development

Moving Vets Off Medicaid and Onto VA

A nearly two decades-old reporting system designed to prevent benefit fraud is helping cash-strapped states save millions -- but not in the way originally intended. BY Andy Kim
Smart Management

Forgetting the Economic Cycle Already?

In boom times, states forget the bust years. That’s worrisome as revenues show signs of life. BY Andy Kim
Tech Talk

Michigan Broadens Its IT Consolidation

Michigan broadens its IT consolidation initiative to facilities and administrative services. BY Andy Kim
Public Money

Who Should Pay the Pension Bill?

As states face funding problems, retirees and employees will feel pressure to chip in. BY Andy Kim
Energy & Environment

Lewis Ledford Oversees Parks and Recreation Growth

Even in tough times, North Carolina's Parks and Recreation Director Lewis Ledford keeps state parks bustling. BY Andy Kim