TABLE of CONTENTS September 2008

Cover Story


BY Alan Greenblatt

Jeanne Kirkton was out canvassing a few weeks ago along Lilac Avenue in Webster Groves, an old rail-line suburb 5 miles west of St. Louis. Lilac...


Seizing the Initiative

The Florida Constitution guarantees freedom of speech and freedom of religion. It also protects life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And it defends the... BY Josh Goodman


When a public system issues a cry for help, it often does so in horrific ways. Sure, there are stacks of polite studies and the... BY Rob Gurwitt

A Wave of Watts

It's a stormy morning in New York City, and Trey Taylor is supposed to be watching a big blue turbine submerge into the East River.... BY Rob Gurwitt

Inside Information

Three students at Rogers High School in Spokane, Washington, were goofing off, chinning themselves on a water pipe. That is, until the pipe broke and... BY Ellen Perlman

Alert! Alert!

Call it the Red Scare. Earlier this summer, on a quiet Friday afternoon, the BlackBerrys and cell phones of some 25,000 residents of Arlington County, Virginia,... BY John Buntin

Up Front

Hidden Section

Blind Judgment

The voters may be less Informed than most political candidates are willing to admit. BY Alan Ehrenhalt
Potomac Chronicle

College of Chaos

We all know there's something wrong with our rules for electing a president. But fixing it has proved impossible. BY Donald F. Kettl

The Business of Government

Management & Labor

Stat Governor

Martin O'Malley, the governor of Maryland, thought his question was reasonably straightforward. He was meeting with state parole and probation managers, and O'Malley wanted to... BY Jonathan Walters
Economic Engines

Down on the Farm

As an economic development strategy, agriculture usually looks like a loser. BY William Fulton
Tech Talk

The Snake Within

There are ways to spot an employee with an eye on bringing down the network. BY Ellen Perlman
Hidden Section

The Surge for Ethanol

Few of us foresaw that the drive for clean-burning fuel alternatives could create serious environmental problems. BY Tom Arrandale
Economic Engines

The Comfort Zone

There's more to moving people around than wings and wheels, speed and price. BY Alex Marshall