TABLE of CONTENTS March 2008

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Up Front

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Splitting an Affinity

In some places, residents identify with their state, while in others there isn't that bond. Does it matter? BY Alan Ehrenhalt
Potomac Chronicle

Energy Land Grab

The feds want to run utility corridors right through state and local turf -- without asking permission. BY Jonathan Walters

The Business of Government

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Forging an Open Stream

Local governments stream their meetings over the Internet, and index the video using searchable agendas. BY Mark Stencel
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Medicaid's New Math

Can a little cost-cutting actually improve the quality of health care? Two states are trying to find out. BY Penelope Lemov
Smart Management

Learning from Losers

Best practices are all well and good. We make a case for a center to study the worst. BY Katherine Barrett & Richard Greene
Public Money

A Time of Testing

The municipal bond market is dealing with uncertain times -- not of its own making. BY John E. Petersen