Cover Story

Deed Trouble

BY Anya Sostek

With mortgage foreclosures at record levels, states are scrambling to regulate lending practices and products.


A Muni Bond Warning

Current law prohibits it, but the SEC chairman is talking about reasons to regulate the municipal bond market. BY Alan Greenblatt

Gimme Coverage

This year, lawmakers in Washington tried everything to extend health coverage to the uninsured. They earmarked money to cover more children, allowed small employers to... BY Alan Greenblatt

Digitally Dazed

Rhode Island's been quick off the mark. When it comes to health IT, it's got a lot going for it. The governor, Donald Carcieri, doesn't... BY Ellen Perlman

REAL Nightmare

For the past five years, clerks at the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles have been enforcing new rules for getting a driver's license. It hasn't... BY Ellen Perlman

Back on Track

Tracy Finch would prefer to show visitors around the south side of Charlotte by train. But the city's first light-rail line won't open until this... BY Zach Patton

Dollars and Results

In the late 1990s, as an alderman in Somerville, Massachusetts, Joseph Curtatone was perpetually frustrated by the budgets his local legislature was supposed to be... BY Jonathan Walters

Coal Calculations

The West braces for an energy boom that could just as easily go bust. BY Tom Arrandale

Keeping Up With E-mail

Governing takes a look at governors' constituent service BY Josh Goodman

Up Front


A Rift Runs Through It

Nine years ago, voters in Dallas opted to remake the riparian no- man's-land in the center of the city. Now its leaders are fighting over what they meant. BY Sarah Harney

Eminent Reluctance

When Virginia reacted to the Supreme Court's eminent-domain decision, no one had a trickier balancing act than Governor Tim Kaine. BY Sarah Harney

Turnpike Tempest

Governor Ed Rendell wants to lease out the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Things could get ugly along the way. BY Sarah Harney
Health & Human Services

Divorce, Arkansas-Style

Governor Mike Beebe has split up his state's huge health and social services agency after a painful two-year experiment with consolidation. BY Sarah Harney
State News

Blunt Instrument

Nobody questions Ed Blakely's credentials as an urban thinker. New Orleans just wants him to think before he talks. BY Sarah Harney
Hidden Section

The Inside Edge

Political success is never simple. But it seems the new governors who are making a mark are the ones who've paid their dues in state politics. BY Alan Ehrenhalt
Potomac Chronicle

PIGs Without Pork

State and local interest groups don't wield the clout they once had in Washington. But there's crucial work for them to do. BY Donald F. Kettl

The Business of Government

Management & Labor

Girard Miller's Benefit Beat

It happens like clockwork. As soon as a magnanimous stock market boosts pension assets to high-water marks, pension raiders lurk around--they can't wait to get their hands on the "overfunded" portfolio. BY Sarah Harney
Health & Human Services

Remodeling Job: States Open Doors For Organ Donors

A push is on in state legislatures to ease the serious shortage of organ donors. With more than 94,000 Americans waiting for a liver, kidney, cornea or other organ, many states are looking at the uniform organ donation laws they adopted in 1968 and debating an update. BY Sarah Harney

Revenue Raiser: Going After Corporate Taxes

The revenue losses are huge. According to an analysis by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, the 252 largest and most profitable American corporations collectively avoided $41.7 billion in state income taxes between 2001 and 2003. More than a quarter of the companies managed to pay no state corporate taxes during at least one of the years in question. BY Sarah Harney
Economic Engines

Slow Going

It takes far longer to build a major project today than it did a century ago. Why is that? BY Alex Marshall
Tech Talk

Hiring Help

In their search for young workers, IT departments are seeking ways to make technology jobs look more like a day at a Play Station. BY Ellen Perlman

CSI, Stand Aside: DNA Databases Raise Alarms

State legislators are taking a new interest in DNA databases and in whether the evidence stored in them skirts rules about privacy and security. BY Sarah Harney
Management & Labor

A Fight Festers

GASB ups the ante on performance. BY Sarah Harney
Health & Human Services

Playing Dumb

Liability rather than serendipity is the focus of playground design. Some are trying to change that. BY Sarah Harney

States on a Bermuda High

Insuring a Welcome Mat for Captives BY Sarah Harney
Energy & Environment

The Salty Solution

It's tough to imagine that steamy Florida may be running out of water. Yet state and local water managers this spring barred homeowners from sprinkling... BY Tom Arrandale
Economic Engines

The Retirement Factory

Building a local economy around retirees may seem like the perfect growth formula, but it has its flaws. BY William Fulton