Cover Story

Chicago's Transit Chief

BY Zach Patton

Transit Chief Richard Rodriguez combats a monumental fiscal crisis.


Investing in Electric Cars

Will the needed investment in new infrastructure for electric cars pay off? BY Russell Nichols

Lining Up for Health IT

The huge challenges of implementing a $30 billion program are just beginning to hit the states. BY David Raths

Gutting the Clean Water Act

Wetlands can protect cities from floods, but it's no longer clear which wetlands the Act protects. BY Jonathan Walters

The Future of Los Angeles' Police Stations

Is the LAPD misplacing something important in the process of building the next generation of police stations? BY John Buntin



Candy Taxes: Not So Sweet

A policy to change behavior leaves a loser in its wake. BY Andy Kim



Reviving Local, State and Federal Collaboration

NACo's Larry Naake is pushing for a commission of representatives from all forms of government. BY Andy Kim
Energy & Environment

Tunnel Vision in Seattle

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn is proposing plans that focus less on roads and more on public transit. BY Andy Kim
Economic Development

Shutting Down State Fairs

To cope with budget shortfalls, some states – like Michigan – are choosing to shut down their state fairs. BY Andy Kim
Energy & Environment

A Global Warming Cool Down?

More Republican gubernatorial candidates are skeptical of the science of climate change. BY Andy Kim
Potomac Chronicle

Restoring the Balance of Federalism

In the recession's wake, states and localities face new realities. BY Andy Kim

Protecting Student Test Scores From Recruiters

A new Maryland law prohibits schools from sending test scores to military recruiters. It might protect student privacy, but prevent career discovery. BY Andy Kim
Health & Human Services

Health Checkups at the Office

In-house clinics help government reduce the cost of health benefit claims. BY Andy Kim
Energy & Environment

Testing Urban Turbines

Reno, Nev., plans to study local wind patterns, assessing its power in the region. BY Andy Kim
Economic Engines

Long-Term Remedies for Slumping Sales Tax Revenues

Short-term gimmicks to boost local sales tax revenue aren't working anymore. BY Andy Kim
Urban Notebook

A Desire for More Streetcars

More than half a century after the streetcar's heyday, this transportation mode is poised to make a comeback. BY Andy Kim


Public Workforce

Work-Share, Save Jobs

Businesses are partnering with states to retain workers. BY Andy Kim
Smart Management

Goodbye to Good Research

Funding for state programs that research and analyze long-term issues is dwindling. BY Andy Kim
Tech Talk

Cloud Computing's E-Mail Showdown

Arizona pits the public sector against the private sector in a cloud e-mail face-off. BY Andy Kim
Public Money

The Similarities Between Sacramento and Athens

Some see California's future in Greece's current woes. BY Andy Kim
Health & Human Services

Brotherly Love for Immigrants, Too

Israel "Izzy" Colon is spearheading Philadelphia's efforts to become an immigrant hub. BY Andy Kim