Cover Story

Hard Luck on Slots

BY Ellen Perlman

Pennsylvania's plan to use gambling revenue for property tax relief has turned into a political lemon.


Open Season on Middle Managers

In the latest round of budget cuts, mid-level managers are considered the easiest and most defenseless target. BY Jonathan Walters

The Set-Aside Syndrome

Minority-contracting programs can be undone by a city's inability to distinguish between a real and a fake minority firm. BY Zach Patton

Church and State

In Kansas politics, the Christian Right doesn't just pressure the establishment anymore. It is the establishment. BY Alan Greenblatt

Instant Influence

A new generation of web scribes is shaking up state capitol politics. BY Christopher Swope

Trying to Buy Smarter

Pennsylvania is moving its big construction contracts away from the low-bid model. BY Christopher Swope

Up Front

Potomac Chronicle

Licensing Trouble

Under a new federal law, state DMVs will be forced into the role of immigration police. BY Sarah Harney
Public Safety & Justice

Rainbow Strategist

Anthony Thigpenn has spent years promoting reconciliation among blacks and Hispanics. L.A.'s new mayor needs him. BY Sarah Harney

Minnesota Maverick

Getting reelected as a party outcast isn't easy, but Randy Kelly is trying. BY Sarah Harney

Spoils 2005

A little old-fashioned patronage isn't the world's worst sin. BY Sarah Harney
Economic Development

Too Much Consent

Nothing in government lasts forever--but consent decrees come close. Is that necessary? BY Sarah Harney

Lost Art

The fine print in NCLB is worth reading. BY Sarah Harney

A Little Ethics Left Behind

It's easy to boost school test scores--if you don't care how you do it. BY Sarah Harney
Urban Notebook

We Buy, You Fly

When American Airlines pulled 200 daily flights out of St. Louis's Lambert Field airport in 2003, it wrecked the airport's finances. As you might have guessed, airports are weighted down with fixed costs-- things they must pay for regardless of how many people they serve, such as runways, terminals and baggage systems. BY Sarah Harney
Smart Management

Fixing a Sagging Wage Floor

A surprising number of Republicans are joining with liberals to enact new state minimum wage laws. BY Sarah Harney

The Business of Government

Infrastructure & Environment

Coming to an Intersection Near You

SPUI helps control heavy traffic BY Sarah Harney
Infrastructure & Environment

Coming to an Intersection Near You

SPUI helps control heavy traffic BY Sarah Harney

Cross Checking

A city compares its data BY Sarah Harney

Online Hit: Seattle Drivers Can Ecalculate Their Commute

King County has taken to the Internet to persuade commuters to keep their cars in the garage. BY Sarah Harney
Smart Management

Loving a Loser

Award-winning programs usually spawn copycats, but there may be good ideas to replicate from innovative projects that falter. BY Sarah Harney
Health & Human Services

Medicaid on the Ramparts

It's time for the states to break down Congress's door with some basic solutions to the sustainability problem. BY Sarah Harney
Public Safety & Justice

The Great Drain Robbery

Even if it's nailed down, thieves are stealing government property to sell for scrap. BY Sarah Harney
Public Money

Bubble Trouble

A puncturing of today's inflated real estate values would have negative and broadscale effects on local governments. BY Sarah Harney
Energy & Environment

Stricter Air Standards

NYC lowers emissions for its fleet BY Sarah Harney
Energy & Environment

Balancing the Load

Golden State utilities plan for peak-time pricing BY Sarah Harney
Economic Development

The Great Outdoors

Cities discover the profit in parks BY Sarah Harney