TABLE of CONTENTS January 2009

Cover Story

Reformer in Power

BY Alan Greenblatt

If you want to understand how Joe Hackney operates as speaker of the North Carolina House, it's worth thinking about the other things that he...


Issues to Watch

The nation's political map has turned blue, but state budgets have gone decidedly into the red. The Democrats enjoy a more than 850-seat edge in... BY Josh Goodman

Death and Life in the Pressroom

If you want to know what the dying days of a journalistic era look like, mount the marble steps to the fourth floor of Connecticut's... BY Rob Gurwitt

The Fix-IT Man

It seems everyone wants a piece of John Conley -- even if it's virtual. As Colorado's deputy chief information officer, he's been asked to help... BY Ellen Perlman

Second Spin

When Steve Gendler retired 16 years ago from a career as an Arizona law enforcement officer, he figured he'd spend a lot of his time doing... BY Will Wilson

One Crowded Capital

Nobody knows for sure how many people will descend on Washington, D.C., this month to witness Barack Obama's presidential inauguration. Mayor Adrian Fenty has... BY Christopher Swope

Up Front

Potomac Chronicle

Obama and the States

President Bush promised governors a close relationship and didn't deliver. Can states trust the reassuring words of his successor? BY Peter Harkness

The Business of Government

Tech Talk

The Texas Ten-Step

When a state tries to merge data centers from all its agencies, it's in for a bumpy ride -- and a very long one. BY Ellen Perlman
Hidden Section

Care Calculations

Home-based care can keep the elderly out of nursing homes. But that isn't stopping some states from making cuts in the program. BY Penelope Lemov
Public Money

Revenue Revisions

States and localities should use the current fiscal trauma to adjust and amend the ways they raise money. BY John E. Petersen
Smart Management

The Lure of the Layoff

There are plenty of costly mistakes to make when you try to balance a budget through personnel freezes, cuts or early retirements. BY Katherine Barrett & Richard Greene