TABLE of CONTENTS January 2008

Cover Story

Growth & Taxes

BY Katherine Barrett & Richard Greene

It's been known for a long time that obsolete state tax systems are not producing the revenue states need. But what's becoming clear today is...


Breathing Room

On January 29, Florida's voters will decide whether to approve a constitutional amendment -- sent to them by the state legislature -- that would set sharp... BY Katherine Barrett & Richard Greene

Baiting Hooks

Tax incentives have long been endorsed as the highway to prosperity -- attracting businesses, providing jobs and enriching the state. That's been conventional wisdom in... BY Katherine Barrett & Richard Greene

Staying Stable

We'd always take a tax cut, of course," says David Johnson, the former chairman of the Ohio Manufacturers' Association. Nothing surprising in those words, but... BY Katherine Barrett & Richard Greene

Plugging Leaks

Fifteen years ago, when a new business tried to put down roots in Kansas, the business owner had to mail in a paper registration and... BY Katherine Barrett & Richard Greene

The Man Who Owns Flint

On a cold, gray day in Flint, Michigan, Dan Kildee is walking down Stone Street. Like a lot of residential blocks in Flint, it looks... BY Christopher Swope

Private Instigator

Indiana likes to fashion itself as "the crossroads of America," with 14 interstate highways moving people into and through the state. As in so many other... BY Alan Greenblatt

Delete at Your Own Risk

For several months last fall, the St. Louis media had a field day with Missouri Governor Matt Blunt's office for doing the equivalent of crumpling... BY Ellen Perlman

Issues to Watch 2008

That means focusing on infrastructure funding in response to the bridge collapse in Minneapolis. It also means trying to get homeowners into less-risky fixed-rate mortgages,... BY Josh Goodman

Immigration Fizzle

Immigration has emerged as a pervasive issue in this year's politics, a part of seemingly every state and local campaign and presidential debate. The lesson... BY Alan Greenblatt


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The Irritable Centrists

Currently, suburban centrism is the pivotal force in American politics at both the state and federal levels. BY Alan Ehrenhalt
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Beyond Wi-Fi

It's time for local, state and federal leaders to focus on making the U.S. more competitive when it comes to broadband. BY Mark Stencel
Smart Management

The Meeting Morass

There are way too many of them, they take too long and don't accomplish much. Can meetings be fixed? BY Katherine Barrett & Richard Greene
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The Prescription Proscription

Many states are making it hard for data-mining companies to use Rx information for marketing purposes. BY Penelope Lemov
Public Money

The Hidden Tax

When the collection of revenue is too convenient, it can lead to consequences that may or may not be intended. BY John E. Petersen
Potomac Chronicle

Subprime Performance

It's not that someone was asleep at the switch on mortgage lending. It's that everyone was. BY Jonathan Walters