TABLE of CONTENTS February 2009

Cover Story

Radical Renewal

BY Josh Goodman

At the Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis, you can pick up a gyro from Holy Land Grocery or, if you prefer, sushi and bubble tea...


Minding the Detailers

It's a gray Friday morning in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Kristin Nocco is in the parking lot of Primary Care Associates, putting on her game face. She's... BY John Buntin

A Break in the Levy

As state and local revenue sources go, the property tax always has been the steady one. Its cousins -- the income and sales taxes --... BY Penelope Lemov

Code Green

Nothing looks particularly avant-garde about the historic building at the corner of Lincoln and Beach streets in Boston's Leather District. Built in 1899, the five-story Beaux-Arts... BY Penelope Lemov

The Millennial in the Cubicle

It takes a single-minded sense of purpose for a government worker to rack up 349,170 Web-site visits during work hours over five months. That sense of... BY Jonathan Walters

Getting to Know You

There's a joke in Georgia about what folks in different cities ask strangers as a conversation starter. In Atlanta, people are likely to ask, "What... BY Alan Greenblatt

Up Front

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Torts for Tots

When it comes to consumer product safety, litigation is no way to regulate. BY Alan Ehrenhalt
Potomac Chronicle

A Time for Strings

We need to stimulate state and local economies. We also need to keep close watch on what we're stimulating. BY Donald F. Kettl

The Business of Government

Tech Talk

The Wisdom of Crowds

A CIO looks to the public to take city data and turn them into quick, nimble and useful software programs. BY Ellen Perlman
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Keep It Green

As the stimulus bill takes shape, states need to pay attention to the impact of new projects on wildlife, wetlands and water. BY Tom Arrandale
Economic Engines

A Road by Any Other Name

Infrastructure is a vital concept. If only we could call it something else. BY Alex Marshall