TABLE of CONTENTS December 2008

Cover Story

Markets, not Mandates

BY John Buntin

For years, efforts to expand health insurance seemed like an exclusively "blue state" activity. Oregon, Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine enacted sweeping proposals designed to expand...


The Coverage Connection

Two years ago, when Massachusetts legislators began debating near-universal health insurance, a lot of smart people helped them craft the package. And all of these... BY Josh Goodman

Welcome Mat

On a sunny fall afternoon, Rafael Ramos pulls up in front of a modest house in a working-class neighborhood of New Haven, Connecticut. He hops... BY Rob Gurwitt

Free on Friday

Here's a typical Friday schedule for Jeff Herring, the director of human resources for the state of Utah: First, a leisurely breakfast with his wife... BY Rob Gurwitt

Policing by the Odds

When a full moon rises in Richmond, Virginia, police officers may feel their hackles rise, too. The presence of a full moon statistically correlates with... BY Ellen Perlman

Novices with the Numbers

In his first job out of graduate school, Will Barnow practices performance measurement every day. Barnow works in the Maricopa County Office of Justice Systems... BY Jonathan Walters

Flakes of Danger

As winter sets in, mayors in northern climes may want to reflect on something that David Axelrod, one of the masterminds of Barack Obama's presidential... BY Christopher Swope

Up Front

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Devolution in Reverse

As régime change comes to Washington, the Democrats are likely to consolidate federal power. BY Alan Ehrenhalt
Potomac Chronicle

The Disaster Tripwire

The tough choices on emergency response are gradually migrating to Washington. BY Donald F. Kettl

The Business of Government

Economic Engines

Road Show

A city redefines how to use its streets -- even its busiest, most traffic-clogged roadways. BY Alex Marshall
Tech Talk

Bloggerly Love

Techies and their interactive tools may be the way to lure tourists to local fairs and state parks. BY Ellen Perlman
Economic Engines

Going for an Upturn

There's a calculus for figuring out what a state or locality can do to prime the development pump. BY William Fulton
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Banking on the Wind

Even in states that produce fossil fuels, Americans are figuring that prosperity will be tied to finding greener energy resources. BY Tom Arrandale