Cover Story

Tribes and Tribulations

BY Ellen Perlman

Localities are struggling to deal with the issues that arise from being adjacent to Indian lands.


Clear Connection

A high-tech partnership is driving down crime in Chicago. BY Jonathan Walters

Damage Control

Coastal states are testing ways to keep citizens' property insured against hurricane winds and rain. BY Josh Goodman

Powering Down

Saving electricity has never been a big priority in North Carolina. Power is cheap and plentiful, as it is across much of the South. These... BY Christopher Swope

Golden-Rule Charlie

It's hard to imagine an entertainer anywhere in America more despised by the Republican right than pop singer Sheryl Crow. She's a boisterous supporter of... BY Alan Greenblatt

Bratton's Brigade

One May night, two police officers bicycle-patrolling their beat in a violence-prone neighborhood in Providence, Rhode Island, spotted a car parked near a recreation center.... BY Rob Gurwitt

Data on the Beat

You get lied to a lot out there," says Brian Joseph Tierney, a burly beat cop with the Chicago Police Department. Tierney is referring to... BY Jonathan Walters

Up Front

Public Workforce

Somebody Different

Michelle Rhee doesn't have the resume of a school superintendent. That's why she got the job. BY Sarah Harney

Demographic Storm

The natural disasters of 2005 may spawn political hurricanes in 2010. BY Sarah Harney

Capability Gap

Machines are part of the digital divide problem. Lack of knowledge is a bigger part. BY Sarah Harney
Public Safety & Justice

Bench Brawl

In Nevada, it's sometimes hard to tell the judge from the accused. BY Sarah Harney
Hidden Section

Clueless in Boise

The public events in a legislature bear only a tenuous connection to what is really going on. BY Alan Ehrenhalt
Tech Talk

311 Potholes

Consolidating call centers is proving to be a boon to cities, but the roll-outs are rough. BY Ellen Perlman
Potomac Chronicle

Homeland Psychiatry

War veterans are coming home in worse mental shape than anybody expected. BY Donald F. Kettl

Payroll Peeking

Government salaries have always been public record. But not the way they are now. BY Sarah Harney

The Business of Government

Economic Engines

Street Wise

A study compared how well old-city street layouts handled traffic versus modern approaches. The results set off a firestorm. BY Alex Marshall
Tech Talk

311 Potholes

Consolidating call centers is proving to be a boon to cities, but the roll-outs are rough. BY Ellen Perlman

Clean-Up Hitters: High-Tech Cities Vie For New Tech

San Jose has long been the capital of Silicon Valley, and Austin, the center of Silicon Hills, the Valley's clone. Lately, the two high-tech cities aren't fighting over microchips, software or dotcoms, but to become powerhouses for clean technology: solar panels, wind farms, fuel cells and biofuels. BY Sarah Harney
Management & Labor

Pension Divestment Politics

State politicians have returned to the slippery slopes of social investing and pension divestment. In the 1980s, South Africa was the target. Last year, it was Sudan, followed quickly by Iran, and now "all terrorist nations" are on blacklists in some states. BY Sarah Harney
Management & Labor

Budget Band-Aid

Increasingly, state and local governments are expecting their workers to pay a greater share of their own health care and prescription drug costs. BY Sarah Harney
Public Safety & Justice

Got Bars?

States are cracking down on the proliferation of contraband cell phones in prisons. BY Sarah Harney

Budget Builders: Collecting and Spending Stay Steady

More than half of the states exceeded their budgeted tax revenue in the 2007 fiscal year, according to data compiled by the National Association of State Budget Officers in their biennial "Fiscal Survey of States." Revenue came in below projections in just nine states. BY Sarah Harney

Market Sighs In Relief

A Texas bond disclosure bank settles a threat to its existence. BY Sarah Harney
Public Safety & Justice

Wildfire Fight

Most dry summer months, somewhere in the country, a wildfire flares into a fearsome sight that fills the sky with harrowing flames and forbidding columns... BY Tom Arrandale
Economic Engines

The Rich Get Richer

For states and cities, the trick is to capture the wealth when and where it's created and put it to long-term use locally. BY William Fulton