Government Construction: State and Local Spending

The chart below illustrates construction spending data compiled by the U.S. Commerce Department for state and local governments since 2009.

As of June, total state and local government spending had dropped to an annual rate of $247.8 billion, down from a peak of nearly $300 billion in 2009.

Figures represent national seasonally-adjusted totals, not adjusted for inflation. Data is current as of August 2012, with the most recent preliminary figures recorded from June.

Select a category from the menu to view historical spending totals for various types of construction projects. Data includes construction spending for the following sectors: residential, office, commercial, health care, educational, public safety, amusement and recreation, transportation, power, highway/streets, sewage and waste disposal, water supply and conservation/development.

Click the graph to display construction spending estimates for each month.

Source: U.S. Commerce Department. Data is seasonally-adjusted.

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