Union Membership State Statistics

Nearly 15 million workers belonged to unions in 2015, accounting for 11.1 percent of the U.S. workforce. While federal union membership data suggests the prevalence of labor unions has remained flat in recent years, their numbers have decided significantly over the long term.

As a share of the total workforce, union membership is highest in New York (26 percent), Alaska (21.7 percent) and Hawaii (21.7 percent). By comparison, union workers account for just 2.9 percent of South Carolina's employment, the least of any state. Factors influencing the presence of labor unions include types of industries employing workers and individual states' right-to-work protections.

The following table lists 2015 labor union statistics by state. Note that a small number of nonunion members are represented by union contracts, so union representation is slightly higher than reported union membership estimates.

SOURCE: Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2015 Current Population Survey annual averages

Historical State Union Representation Data

Statistics indicate union membership among private sector employees has slowly declined for the past several decades. For the public workforce, union membership has remained stable:


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